Demolition labour is a key requirement within the construction industry and is regarded as a skilled position of responsibility. It refers to all aspects of demolition, from small-scale renovation to vast schemes where whole apartment or office blocks need to be reduced to rubble.

The upturn in the construction industry has obviously had a positive effect on the number of employment opportunities available to staff in this area and there are ever increasing job opportunities at Siteman Recruitment.

The first thing that any reputable employer or good recruitment agency will expect you to produce is your CCDO. This is a Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives, an initiative designed for any labourer whose job includes demolition. It covers the health and safety requirements of demolition work and ensures that everyone working in this field does so with the utmost safety for themselves and those around them.

Pay rates can vary widely, from entry-level positions to supervisory roles which come with a hefty responsibility.

If you're applying to work as a demolition labourer for Siteman Recruitment you'll need (in addition to the CCDO mentioned above) to be physically fit and strong, and if you have experience in the construction industry then this will benefit your application.

Siteman Recruitment will may at times request you to be able to relocate temporarily because buildings sites can be situated all over the country but the reputable construction companies Siteman Recruitment work with will often help with accommodation etc.